Zeus Provisions is a food provisions company established to support Vessels captains, crews and managers in every place in Greece.

Our experienced Team work 24/7 to assist you with the high demands of supply a vessel.

You can rely on Zeus Provisions to fully support you and your crew, as you sailing the Greek Islands.

We are located in the center of Athens's marinas, at Palaio Faliro and we are ready to assist you to have on board the top quality of products enabling your Chefs to prepare the best breakfast, branch, lunch and dinner you are dreaming. We are the best friends of your Chef and we can deliver on board every product he will request.

Working years with a well established network of wholesalers as well as suppliers we have the experience and knowledge to choose the best quality of products. You can choose from varies of Vegetables, Fruits, Dry fuits, Cheese, Meat, Poultry, Ice Creams, Milk, Yoghurts, Olive Oils, Marmalades, Flours, Flakes, Rice, Pastas, Pulses, Cold Cuts, Sugars, Cans / Vases, Spreads, Honey, Dry Nuts, Drinks and more.

You only need to place your order and we are ready to collect your products immediately in order to deliver on board with our own trucks the requested day and time. Even if you are about to depart we can do our best to find the requested items and deliver on board on time.